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Hi, I’m Megan Tsui, Founder of UnleaSHEd. I’m really excited to have you here in a community of entrepreneurial women where we can work on our businesses together with the assurances that we all have something to offer one another.

I’d love to tell you about me, and why I’ve build this. First of all, I’ve always loved business. I didn’t play house or with dolls when I was a little girl. I played store, restaurant, vet clinic, and library. I was fascinated by systems and loved office products like most kids love toys.

I went to St. Olaf College for my Bachelor of Arts degree in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship, and St. Mary’s University for my Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Leadership. For my senior project at St. Olaf, I started a consignment craft and art store in an old renovated dairy barn during Christmas. I even made the front page of The St. Paul Pioneer Press Business section!

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I ran that store for 4 holiday seasons and loved every minute of it. I grossed about $150,000 a year in sales, which surprised both me and my college professors that first year! Eventually, the woman who owned the barn sold the property and moved into town and the store closed. It’s amazing to think that my store all those years ago is what gave me the idea for an online store that would help women build their service and product based businesses, just like my Christmas store helped the crafters and artists back then.

I’ve made it my life’s work to partner with all kinds of businesses from micro-small to large multi-million dollar companies because this is what I dearly love. My jam is systems and spreadsheets, numbers and formulas; but also goals and values and matching your business with your desires. If you’d like to know more about my professional history, take a look at my resume HERE.

Why my focus on women business owners?

I often get asked why I built UnleaSHEd and focus on working with women entrepreneurs. Well, I’ve always loved working with women and have found that we click. I get that women often feel like their business is their “baby” and that their lives, egos, and self-worth is tied into how their business is (or isn’t) doing. I understand how difficult it is to be all things to everyone: mom, wife, sister, friend, daughter, boss, and partner. It’s hard work starting a business and keeping your family in tact. But there is even more to it for me…

You see, women are less likely to start a business with loans or other capital, which means that our businesses grow more slowly and we are less likely to hire help when we need it. And because women are starting businesses at 2 times the rate of men, it’s a great target market for me to focus on. And can you believe that 1,288 women start a business EVERY DAY? I think that it would be amazing to help each and every one of them start stronger and faster.

When I was studying for my Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership, I wrote a Literature Review (basically you take all of the literature around a subject and examine it) that was called “Barriers for Women Striving for Corporate Leadership Positions”. It opened my eyes to the huge struggle women still face in the corporate world: real and perceived differences in leadership styles, the ‘Glass Cliff’, networking and mentoring challenges, and our sometimes difficult relationship with other women all play a role. I decided that I could sit back and wish things were different for women, or I could help women create their own companies and to change the status-quo by doing so.

If you’d like to read my paper, you can find it HERE.

This is also the reason that part of the proceeds of UnleaSHEd will go to fund the UnleaSHEd Angels Fund; an investment fund to help women start and expand businesses. You can read more about that here.

Please let me know how I can help you unleash your big, beautiful business. Even though I’m busy managing the UnleaSHEd Store, I still reserve time to work 1:1 with a few clients. If you are interested in learning how to work with me, fill out the little form below and I’ll be in touch!






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