The Story - Unleashed Store

 BRAINHow did UnleaSHEd begin?

When UnleaSHEd’s founder, Megan Tsui, decided to start an online business consulting company, she needed a logo, website, copy, and other creative services. She quickly realized that it wasn’t easy to find reputable professionals to provide these creative services. Finding a place where she could compare creative businesses was nonexistent. And a place to find other WOMEN business owners?  Forget about it.

After she solved the issue of finding (mostly) trustworthy professionals, she soon discovered another dilemma—finding customers of her own. As a vendor selling services, she experienced the chaos that is online marketing. Finding the right clients for your business online is like finding a needle in a haystack.

A business can waste thousands of dollars via Facebook ads, or thousands of hours hoping people will stumble across their business in an online search. Megan found inspiration when shopping for a gift online, using a popular website that hosts vendors who specialize in handcrafted products.

Why not make shopping for creative services and business products as simple as shopping for a gift?

Megan also realized the need for feedback. The store asks every buyer to rate and leave feedback for the vendor they worked with. This lets others know what they thought about the vendor and it can be a useful tool when deciding who might be the best fit.

To make sure only the best business-to-business (B2B) vendors are in UnleaSHEd Store, an application and screening process was developed to narrow it down to the right vendors that are best-suited.


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