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There is power and strength in vulnerability and authenticity, especially in building a business that you love.  It can be terrifying, funny, sad, amazing, and enlightening. That’s where UnleaSHEd Confessions was born.

Who can you tell your deep dark business secrets to? US! This community was built to encourage you to tell your story. Take a second and submit a short, anonymous confession — you’ll feel better after.  You’ll soon see that you’re not alone, and your story isn’t much different than what others are going through, too. And you never know who needs to hear your story.

Confessions from Business Owners, Just Like You

We Are Tired of Perfection, Aren’t We!

Thoughts from the Founder…

Authenticity and vulnerability are what it takes to go viral.

I was listening to Martha Beck and Linda Sivertsen interview Glennon Doyle Melton about her upcoming book “Love Warrior” that is a memoir about her marriage. In the interview, Glennon talks about how when she found out her husband had been cheating on her…multiple times…she felt like her world was spinning out of control. And the only way to find herself was to dig deeply for her own truths. Glennon is raw and unbelievably honest on her

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Fancy White Offices Are Overrated

Thoughts from the Founder,

I’m excited because I bought a little bedside caddy that I can attach to my bed frame. I quickly filled it with markers, pens, reading glasses (because I’m old) and gum. But let me tell ya, it’s terrific. Add in a lap desk from high school I found in a long-forgotten bin, and I’m set.

I love to work in bed. Aside from my legs falling asleep and the inability to use two monitors, it’s perfect. For me.
Sure, I see all sorts of pictures online of women with their beautiful, perfect, white, full-of-pretty-sayings-on-the-wall offices and I’m all

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Selfies with an open mouth

WHAT THE FU*K???? I See so many annoying life coaches and shit taking selfies with their mouths open in “fake surprise” or “excitement” it makes me so mad. Sometimes I have to fight the urge to save their photos and photoshop an eggplant or di*k next to their mouths so they learn to not take such stupid selfies.

I take time off of work… to work

Yup, it’s true. I’ve taken 3 vacation days from my full-time job this year to stay home and catch up with my freelance clients. I should be going to Hawaii….

Power Outage

A big storm rolled through two days ago and we’ve been without power ever since. It looks like it might be another day or two. Luckily, my stud-muffin husband had bought a generator on sale a few years ago, and he hooked it up and my home office is fully functional. I may be sweating to death because we can’t run the air conditioner, but I can work!

Writing A Book

It’s been my lifelong dream to write a book. One of my favorite business friends reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in writing a book with her. OMG. Dream come true. After just a few days, we have the start of a plan, deadlines, and an outline. I am so excited!


I discovered my zipper was down on my way into a meeting. I had a stack of papers and while trying to cover up my peep-show, dropped my papers all over the floor and then had to bend down to pick them up. I know everyone could see my white underwear under my black pants. ALWAYS MATCH YOUR UNDIES TO YOUR PANTS.

Feeling like a fraud

I blog about health and wellness and am training to become a health coach… but it’s like every time I give advice, energy put towards my own wellness slips away. Makes me feel like a fraud sometimes.

Sick Kids

I am sad when my kids are sick and have to stay home. More for missing out on work time than feeling bad for them.

What am I doing???

I’m afraid I don’t know what I’m doing and am about to torpedo my biggest project yet.

A Day Off?

I work so much I’ve forgotten what a day off even feels like.

Smartphone Addiction

I’m so addicted to my smartphone, I swear my cat is trying to tell me to put it down when he lays on my hands.

So Unprofessional!

I shared a link to my website with someone who needed a web designer. Turns out my website isn’t mobile friendly and looked like gibberish code! Way to get a new client, uh! Seriously, a web designer with a non-responsive website? NICE.

So Awesome!

A year ago I declared my desire to speak at events. NO idea what I was going to speak about….minor detail. Today I spoke at a major conference in my professional community and totally dominated it. Like a Boss. And now I want to do this ALL THE TIME!

Poor Choice

I went to a big conference, in a big city, and didn’t read the entire event email before I went. I missed the part about dress code. I wore jeans and a cardigan while the rest of my peers were in business attire. Oooooops.

Crushing Debt

I’ve taken on so much debt in my business that my house is close to being foreclosed on. I just can’t seem to stop taking one more program, or hiring one more coach.

So Tired

I’m tired. I’m really, really tired. My business isn’t taking off like I hoped it would. I keep trying but I feel like I am swimming up water.

Yoga Pants

I just really want to wear yoga pants all the time. Do you think anyone at my big meeting tomorrow would really notice if I did?

Did I Make a Mistake By Quitting My Job?

I’d like to confess that I sometimes wonder if I made a mistake quitting my job and doing this full-time. And then I remember what it was like to have to work for other people that are NOT smart, and I know this is exactly where I should be

No One Else To Blame

I quit my 9 to 5 job to start my own business so I could have more freedom. Instead I feel like I am swimming in stuff to do and there isn’t anyone else to blame if it doesn’t get done.


I got an iphone 6Plus- you know, the big one? Well, I can no longer sneak work anymore. My husband totally catches me now.

Productivity Killer

I woke up this morning so excited to start the day. I had such great intentions. I ate breakfast and sat down for one second; and woke up an hour later after taking an impromptu nap. Not great for productivity!

Forgot to Pay My Bill

I was focused so much on my business that I forgot to pay the household bills. Our electric was shut off. Sorry family.

Perfect Business Mom

I sent my daughter to band the other morning. Band ended two weeks ago. I sent her to violin lessons at 4pm yesterday. She called my phone 3 times at 4:40pm, but I was in a client meeting. When I called her back she asked if I forgot about her because her lesson ended at 4:30. I thought it went until 5.

My Last $3

I’m down to my last $3.00 (like seriously) and the perception is that I’m a fully functioning, well made and booming business. Right now, I feel like a joke! I’ll make more money next week, just sayin’ it ain’t always how it looks.

I Deleted My Whole Website

I asked my brother to take a look at my company website and offer some feedback. He said he didn’t like the landing page so I deleted the whole website. In retrospect, starting over might have been a decision I made a little too quickly…?

I Can’t Quit Yet!

My new business is going great. I’m busy and enjoying the projects…yet I still can’t bring myself to quit my part-time job. I don’t know if it’s being financially smart; or if it’s because I don’t believe in myself yet.

I’m a Millionaire, I Swear!

I feel like a millionaire trapped in a poor girls body and my husband doesn’t understand why I’m never worried about bills…I just don’t think I’m programmed to care because my brain tells me I’ll be rich so why bother worrying about it.

My Logo Sucks

I hate my logo and brand colors. I don’t want to use them anymore, but it’ll cost too much and take too much time to change it all. But someday…..

My First Sale!

I got my first sale today! So excited to be a real business owner…or at least I’m on my way!

Business Handbook

I wish there was a how to start a business handbook that would tell you all the secrets that everyone else already seems to know.

It’s not easy

I really thought that becoming a life coach would be easy. That showing people how to live their best life would be an easy thing to sell. But instead, I find that people don’t get it. I wonder if I spent all this money on coaching school and now I won’t be able to sell my services.

“The irony is that we attempt to disown our difficult stories to appear more whole or more acceptable, but our wholeness–even our wholeheartedness–actually depends on the integration of all of our experiences…including the falls.”

Brene Brown


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