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Frequently Asked Questions About The Store

What can I sell in the store?

Great question. You can sell products and services that you own and have designed, built, or developed. In addition, all products must be geared toward women entrepreneurs to help them build their businesses and create amazing companies.

That means that we do not allow affiliate or any multi-level marketing products. 

Vendors are not allowed to post FREE items in their store. If you become a vendor, there is a place inside the Vendor community where you may post your freebies.

For complete vendor’s policy that lists prohibited items, Click HERE.


Who Can Buy Items in the Store?

ANYONE! You do not have to be a vendor to buy items in the shops. You can simply add item to your shopping cart and check out…easy peasy.


How do I get people to see my Shop?

The theory behind the UnleaSHEd Store is that high tides raise all boats…and that we are stronger together.

What UnleaSHEd will do: We’ll purchase Facebook ads and Google Adwords. We’ll use social media to post content such as blogs, featured shops, and featured items. We’ll also use media and public relation strategies to get the word out and to drive traffic. In the beginning, we’re planning on spending a significant amount of money on getting traffic to our site, so don’t think just because we’re starting out we’re going to go slow!

What you can do: Link to your store url in everything you do. Post in Facebook groups on promo days about your store. When you write a blog or other content, link….link….link!

In the near future, we’re going to provide you with a badge you can put on your website that will link people right to your store. It’s in the works and we’ll let you know when it’s ready!

What does it cost to become a vendor?

It’s free to become a vendor in the UnleaSHEd Store. If you sell any of your products or services, we do charge a 15% commission fee, and payment processing fees are included in that amount.

As a vendor, how can I sell my services?

Services are a bit different to list in your shop. You’ll want to select the “Virtual” tab when you set up a service item, and you can upload a document (pdf, word, etc) that your brand-new client will be able to download as soon as they checkout. This document can contain links to your calendar to set up a time to discuss the project, or a link to a video you’ve placed on Youtube (marked as “unlisted” or “private”) or another video service. If you have multiple files you want to get to your client, then you can upload to a folder on your computer, compress the folder to make it a .zip file, and upload it that way.

A word about contracts: We HIGHLY recommend that you send a contract for any service based items in your shop to the client after they have purchased. If the client is not comfortable with the terms, we can always cancel the order. Remember, UnleaSHEd is only creating a way for you to find clients, we do not provide a contract between you and the client (just like Etsy!). And if you need help with developing a contract, look no further than inside the UnleaSHEd Store for help!

Do I still need a website if I build a shop in the Store?

We highly recommend that you have multiple ways in the online world for people to find you. Maybe you don’t need an ecommerce site because you can point people to your shop from your blogs, opt-ins, etc.

And I bet there is a (or will be!) a web designer in the Store with the perfect website package for you!

Can men join the UnleaSHEd Store?

Absolutely! We do not discriminate because of gender, race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law (or what just makes you a good person!).

While our target market for the UnleaSHEd Store is women entrepreneurs, anyone can sell, buy or participate in our site.


Can I shut down my store?

We’d hate to see you go, but we understand business needs change. If you want to shut down your store,  all the information in your store will be deleted. If you want to come back again later, you’ll have to start all over.

If there are things we can do to help you not cancel, please let us know by emailing support@unleashedstore.com.

How Do Refunds Work?

For the Buyer:

Each vendor gets to make their own policies, so read them carefully and ask questions if you are unsure!

For the Vendor:

UnleaSHEd has a minimum 14 day grace period between when a buyer purchases an item and when you get paid for it. This gives us all time to make sure the buyer is happy with their purchase, and it gives you an opportunity to have your new client sign a contract or agree to terms of your service. You can make this refund period time shorter, but not longer than 14 days.

We at UnleaSHEd want both the buyers and the vendors to be happy, and clear policies and expectations are a great way to start a relationship off right!

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