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You have a beautiful website, but you have nothing to bring new viewers to the site. You also want to make sure your SEO is the best it can be.

Okay. So, it’s time to start blogging. But, you don’t really have anything to say.

Leave it to me.

With this product, you will receive:

One blog post that’s written in an SEO-friendly way that won’t leave you sounding like you have keyworditis [key-word-ite-us]. Instead, it will sound like you wrote it, except with near-perfect spelling, grammar, clarity, flow, and direction.

You can either give me a topic or tell me about your target market and your business and let me figure out the rest.

This includes one stock photo that’s chosen from a free source. If you have a particular photo in mind, it may not be free to use and additional money to purchase the photo may be required.

Be the expert with a blog post that shows it.

If you’d like to see my skills, then check this out.


I’m Mindy Schoeneman, the owner of Sincerely Me, where I help my clients brand and market their business in a way that is true to who they are. I believe that sincerity is a powerful thing, and being sincere in our branding and marketing helps us attract our ideal clients, the ones we love to work with. That’s what makes me different. What about you? What makes you different?

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