Content Quality Review

No matter how many times you look over your content, whether it’s…

– A website,

– An eBook,

– A newsletter,

– A white paper,

– A blog post, or

– Any other marketing or training materials,

there’s likely going to be something you’re going to miss.

And actually, the more you look at it, the more you’ll probably miss. It’s not your fault—it’s science. [For real—check out this post about what your brain does when you’re proofreading your work.]

So when it’s time to have your work polished up and prepped for the world to see, let us be your fresh set of eyes to help make sure your content is consistent, clear, and free of errors.

In addition to tracking down typos, this Content Quality Review will look for issues related to:

– Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization

– Concept consistency and clarity

– Content organization

– Text formatting and layout

This review will cover one document, up to 500 words. Have more words? Just purchase more than one review.

Once you make your purchase here, we’ll send you an agreement (to review and sign) along with details about what we need to get started. Any questions? Please give us a shout at


I'm a web developer and quality control editor, and through my business (Blue Denim Digital LLC), I love to help people create usable websites and communicate clearly with their audiences.

If you need a website created, renovated, or repaired, or you need to have some content scrubbed down, I'd love to hear from you and to help you out.

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