Easy Effective Marketing in 5 Hours a Month – Printable Workbook

With this downloadable workbook, you’ll finally be able to create a month’s worth of super-interesting, totally-unique blog and social media posts that your customers will be dying to read–even if you’d rather scrub every floor in your house than market your business. It’s speedy, it’s effective, and it’s actually fun, because 1 hour of planning + 4 hours writing and scheduling = the rest of your month free! We’re not saying that without this workbook, you’ll be slogging through a swamp of boring, half-baked marketing efforts forever—but it’s possible.

In this five-page, printable PDF workbook, you’ll learn:

–     the six-step brainstorming exercise that will get you more than 30 actionable ideas for knocking your marketing out of the park—in less time than it takes to scroll through your Facebook notifications

–     the super-easy scheduling framework that can transform a single blog post into a week’s worth of marketing, leaving you more time to create awesome products (and maybe enjoy that drink on the patio)

–     our favorite free tools and tricks to keep your marketing efforts inexpensive and effective.


We’ve used this framework with clients ranging from a fitness center to a cookie cutter manufacturer. It works equally well for product- and service-based businesses, and is super-easy to tailor to your own preferences, habits, and needs. It’s short and sweet, so you can have your marketing for an ENTIRE MONTH mapped out and ready to go in only a couple of hours. Best of all, it’s reusable—you can revisit this workbook every month to create dynamic, addictive content that will keep your customers coming back for more. (You get to decide what to do with all that time you save.)

Your file will be able for direct download after purchase, and email support is available directly from us. Here’s to less time marketing and more time doing what you love!


Whisk and Blend was launched in early 2014 and since then has served over twenty companies worldwide, marketing and consulting for products ranging from catering apps to a traditional Aztec breakfast cereal. As a company, we bring over 25 years of marketing and artisan business experience to the table, combining high-level strategy with intimate industry knowledge to give your company the edge it needs.

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