The Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon

Being in business means putting yourself out there, believing in your work – and your worth – and hustling like no one else.
So why would you do all that and not cover your assets?

Yes, contracts and legal speak are boring.
Yes, terms and conditions are not sexy.
I completely agree that copyright language is a snoozefest for most people.

But frankly, what are you going to do if someone steals your ideas? Breaks a contract? Doesn’t pay you?
It’s time to call in the reinforcements.

Introducing The Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon, designed to help you:

• protect your content, on and off line
• protect yourself and your business
• defend yourself from attacks on your character on and offline
• create a process for working with new clients that will protect your bottom line
• have the confidence that comes from knowing you have solid back up in your corner
So what’s included?

* Audio and video files teaching you how to:
Posting content with confidence
How to build your list without sending spam
Protecting your ideas (trademarks, copyrights and more!)
Using legal structures to protect yourself (contracts & business structure)
* An entire library of legal templates, including:
– professional services agreements
– independent contractor agreements
– terms & conditions for your website
– privacy policy
– non-disclosure agreements
– confidentiality policies

* 6 months of unlimited email legal support and advice for your specific questions about your business

All this for only $249 or 6 monthly payments of $49 each!

Kathy Davis

Attorney; Owner at KJD Legal
As a virtual attorney, I work with busy entrepreneurs who want the advice, assistance and support of legal counsel, without the hassle and headache of taking extra time out of their day to meet. We work by phone, Skype and email to provide you the support you need, at your convenience.

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