Spark Session

Abundance. Clarity. Balance. Bravery. Celebration. Pure. Easy.

All of these desires could be yours!!

Are you ready to rock the rest of 2016? Of course you are! But what are you going to do differently than you have been to make that happen? What are you going to do more of? When will you say “Hell Yes!” and “Hell No!”? What new products or services are you going to offer? Are you going to hire an employee or a contractor? How about getting some clarity on some of these questions?

Do you want:
-a plan to get really moving in the right direction?
-new tools and strategies to not just survive, but to thrive?
-a custom plan built just for you, not a one-size-fits-all plan that most coaches put everyone through?
-a light, happy feeling about all you’ve accomplished instead of “why didn’t I do more?”
You are about to get this and more!

Book a Spark Session today and light a fire in your business!

A Spark Session is:
* a 90 minute call with moi, a 15 year veteran to the coaching/consulting world. I’ve spent years helping women entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses, and I want to help you, too!
* after the call, you’ll have an action plan in place to start making some serious headway in your goals
* goals, milestones, and intentions SET and ready to rock

What’s the investment, you ask?
$197 for 90 minute phone/skype/hangout session

Once you’ve purchased this item, I’ll send you a link to my calendar to book the call.

Megan Tsui

Founder at Unleashed Store
I am a business consultant and the founder of the UnleaSHEd Store. I'm so excited to have created a way to help women entrepreneurs grow their businesses easier and more quickly. Please let me know how I can help you!

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