Switch Your Site to HTTPS (SSL Certificate)

You’re probably familiar with HTTP—you’ve likely seen it (and possibly typed it) in the address bar on your web browser many times. HTTP is a protocol that allows for communication between your browser and a website. HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP. In order for your website to use HTTPS you’ll need what’s called an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate.

How do you know if you’re using an SSL certificate on your website? One main clue is if you see both the little padlock and the https:// (near your site’s address) when you’re looking at your website in a web browser. (NOTE: If you don’t see both of these on ALL pages of your website, you likely still need some assistance with this. And even if you see the padlock and the https:// you still need to make sure you have a valid certificate installed.)

Top reasons for using HTTPS on your website include:

– It encrypts sensitive information between the web server and the browser. It also provides authentication and trust—your site visitors can verify that you’re a registered business and that you own the domain. (Your site visitors will like (and want) all of this.)

– It’s required to accept credit card info on your website.

– Google gives a boost to sites using HTTPS, and penalizes those that don’t.

With this service, we’ll help you get an SSL certificate, get it installed on your site, and advise you about related changes that should be made.

This service covers work for a single website using an SSL certificate purchased from and/or approved for installation by your hosting company. This does not include working with a CDN. (We can help out with other variations on this, too—just get in touch with us before purchasing this item.)


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